Thursday, May 24, 2007

Can bad be good?

It hurts to admit it, but I suspect that, just occasionally, it can. Take, for example, the home made effort above. "All our time is going to waste" is, by any objective standard, a terrible line. In pursuit of a wearisome pun, our friends at McCarthy Skip Hire have only succeeded in communicating what an inefficiently run business they are. "We're total rubbish" would have been more self-denigrating, but not by much.

And yet. It has a kind of charm, doesn't it? We find ourselves picturing Mr McCarthy, alone in his office late one evening, turning to marketing matters after a hard day's waste management. We see him, tapping out the line above, typing with only two fingers . . . and somehow, we sense his pleasure in his own verbal inventiveness, and the pride he feels in his business. "All our time is going to waste?" he ponders, with a faint smile. "Yeah, that says it all, really."

And, in complete contradiction to everything I supposedly believe, I think he's right.


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