Monday, April 02, 2007

Hello, Laura and Ollie!

I was pleased and fairly amazed to learn recently that my daughter and her boyfriend have been reading this blog semi-regularly at university.
On my daughter's part, there's obviously a bit of familial bias involved. But, actually, not that much: if you have children, you'll know that, after the age of about seven, they show very little interest in anything their parents say or do, unless it's of direct relevance to them.

So I guess Laura and Ollie must have found that at least some of what I've written here has a bearing, however minimal, on their lives as hard-working students of classics and philosophy respectively.

Why should that surprise me? It shouldn't really: I'm always saying that the principles of persuasive communication are relevant to just about anyone, regardless of what kind of work they do. But after roughly five years when it has often felt as if I've been talking to myself - or, perhaps, shouting into a hurricane-swept chasm - it's very good to hear a few faint echoes returning.


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