Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An early contender for Most Hateful Use of Words, 2007.

Not long ago, I gave Barclays a sharpish jab in the solar plexus for labelling their cash machines "holes in the wall". But this time, they've really gone too far.

They'd like us to pop into one of their branches and open a current account or take out a personal loan. But instead of giving us any reasons why we should, they have decided to win us over with "humour".

One problem, though: it isn't even remotely funny. And if they're hoping we may groan indulgently at the rubbish "joke", and perhaps even give them a bit of credit for not taking themselves too seriously - well, forget it. Banks rarely treat their customers with any noticeable indulgence, so why should they expect any favours from us?

Just face up to it, Barclays and other banks: trying to sound all warm and cuddly and human is never going to work for you. At least, not until you start showing some faint signs warmth, cuddliness and humanity in the way you behave. For some reason, the words "hell", "over" and "freezes" spring to mind.


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