Wednesday, September 26, 2007

World of Chicken, anyone?

A long time ago, my wife Anna, our friend Philipa and I spent a happy half hour coming up with foolproof restaurant concepts. The only one we all agreed was a solid gold winner was World of Chicken: a place where chicken-lovers - i.e. every non-vegetarian on earth - could enjoy the finest chicken dishes from the four corners of the planet.

For some reason (no money, no relevant expertise - and, oh yes, it was just semi-drunken conversational noodling), our brilliant idea came to nothing. But I was glad to learn the other day that Nando's was originally called Chicken Land, which suggests that its founders were thinking along the same lines as us, though perhaps without our truly global perspective.

I also like the message chalked on the blackboard outside their branch in Park Street, Bristol:

"Man cannot live by chicken alone. But he can enjoy trying."